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Immigration Detention Archives

Report says poor medical care at detention facilities fatal

South Carolina residents may have heard some of the controversy about detention centers where immigrants are housed while awaiting word on their cases. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is responsible for substandard health care that sometimes leads to death, according to a report prepared by a coalition that include the Detention Watch Network, the ACLU and the National Immigrant Justice Center.

Immigrant rights in question in recent raids

South Carolina residents may be unaware of recent raids in Texas involving more than 100 immigrants from Central America. Those involved were mostly women and children, some of whom have alleged that they were not advised of their legal rights during the operation. This is reportedly the first major effort to deport members of this group since the rise in numbers of Central Americans coming to seek asylum.

Detained woman released after suffering seizures

South Carolina residents who are interested in U.S. immigration policies may have heard that a woman who was being held in a Texas detention center when she suffered multiple seizures was released. Her release only occurred after advocates became concerned about her health.

Asylum detention and immigration issues

If immigrants arrive in South Carolina expecting asylum from a country that is persecuting them, they may find themselves in a situation that appears to be just as bad as the one that they left. Asylum seekers in a number of states have begun hunger strikes after having been stuck in detention centers for months. The strikes began in California and Alabama before Thanksgiving, and they have spread to several other states since.

Judge blocks emergency licensing of detention facilities

A recent news report may be of interest to people in South Carolina. According to sources, a judge in Austin, Texas, blocked a move for emergency licensing rules for two immigrant detention facilities in South Texas. The facilities are attempting to get licensure as child care facilities, and the emergency rules would have fast-tracked their ability to get the licensing.

ICE detains Slava Voynov, defenseman for the Kings

South Carolina hockey fans may have heard that defenseman Slava Voynov of the Los Angeles Kings has been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities. The agency is trying to determine whether or not he can stay in the country or whether he will be deported.

Judge orders release of detained immigrant families

South Carolina residents may be interested to learn about a judge's ruling on the families that are being held at three immigration detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. On July 24, a federal court judge in California ordered the Obama administration to release 1,700 parents and children from the facilities. According to the judge, the families in the detention centers are being forced to live in deplorable conditions.

Some families to be released from detention centers

South Carolina residents may be interested to know that on July 13 it was announced that the Obama administration began to release immigrant women and children who were in detention. The women and children were allowed to remain in the U.S. while they seek approval to remain in the country.

New immigration bills target "sanctuary cities"

Undocumented immigrants in South Carolina who have been arrested for crimes could be subject to stricter immigration laws if Congress passes two new bills. The Stop Catch and Release Act and the Criminal Alien Deportation Act would make it easier for the Department of Homeland Security to deport foreign-born individuals who are facing criminal charges.

Appeals possible for immigrants with poor legal representation

Immigrants encountering legal difficulties in South Carolina may not be aware that such issues could be based on poor representation. However, the Supreme Court has made it possible for such situations to be evaluated a second time if legal errors have contributed to a negative outcome. Those who are unfamiliar with the English language could be vulnerable to dishonest individuals or to those who are not ideally suited to represent them. However, this Supreme Court decision has allowed for the needs of such foreigners to be observed.

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