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April 2015 Archives

H-1B visas granted to workers using lottery system

Employers in South Carolina who are hoping to hire talented foreign workers may have to wait until 2017. Applications for 2016 H-1B visas far exceeded the yearly cap established by Congress, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was forced to use a lottery system to decide which workers would receive one of the 85,000 work visas.

Report finds lobbying keeps immigrants in detention

South Carolina residents may be interested to learn that according to a report released by Grassroots Leadership, many of the immigrant detention centers throughout the country remain full due to lobbying by private prison corporations who benefit from having beds in those centers filled. There is a dispute within the government as to whether 34,000 beds is a mandate for an actual number of people or simply the number of beds that must be made available.

The green card application process for widows of US citizens

South Carolina residents who wish to apply for a green card may be interested in the residency process for widows and widowers of U.S. citizens. If the requirements are met, the application is relatively straightforward.

Obtaining a fiancé visa

Some South Carolina residents contemplating marriage to a foreign national may wonder what process is used to bring that individual to this country for the wedding. In order for a U.S. citizen to bring his or her fiancé into the United States, there are routine procedures that must be followed.

Doors to 'The Golden Cage' open for tech-visa spouses in May pt 2

President Obama’s executive order on immigration is set to open doors for many spouses of tech and other foreign workers. Our prior post in our Charleston immigration law blog focused more on the procedural end of the discussion, and in this post we explore the social effect that the inability to work has had on many of these spouses.

Doors to 'The Golden Cage' open for tech-visa spouses on May 26

Tech and other companies in South Carolina and across the nation often have staffing needs they cannot meet by only looking into the local application pool. In many cases, they must even look beyond our country’s borders and utilize the alien labor certification process or Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) to employ foreign talent.

Immigration requirements in employer-sponsored cultural exchanges

Businesses in South Carolina that want to host a nonimmigrant in a cultural exchange must fulfill certain requirements as specified by the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs. There are two types of nonimmigrant visas that can be used for entry into the United States to take part in a cultural exchange. The first visa, the J nonimmigrant visa is for individuals that want to take part in an educational or cultural exchange. The other type of nonimmigrant visa, the Q Cultural Exchange visa is for individuals that want to participate in a cultural exchange for purposes of training and employment.

Clerics criticize immigration detention facilities

South Carolina residents may recall reports in 2014 concerning detention centers that were opened by immigration authorities to cope with a flood of Central American immigrants crossing into the United States from Mexico. Most of these immigrants were unaccompanied minors or women with young children. A group of 80 Jewish and Christian clerics voiced concerns about the detention policy in a letter to President Obama released on April 27, and a group of bishops made critical comments after touring one of the facilities in Texas.

A look at how crimes of moral turpitude can prevent visa approval

South Carolina residents interested in immigration issues may wish to know more about how conviction for a crime can affect visa eligibility. Depending on the nature of the crime, that prior conviction could prevent them from entering the United States.

Understanding the US visa process for foreign media employees

South Carolina residents may be interested in the process for obtaining an employment immigration visa for someone working in foreign media. In order to do so, there are a few important requirements that must be met.

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