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March 2015 Archives

Help with intra-company transfers in South Carolina

If your foreign-based business is interested in opening a domestic branch, you may need help with obtaining visas that allow the transfer of certain key personnel to your U.S. location. L-1 visas are available for the temporary relocation for up to three years of executives, managers and key employees who hold specialized knowledge.

What is the process of replacing a green card?

A foreign-born individual who has legal permanent resident status in South Carolina will have to replace his or her green card if it is lost, stolen, damaged or completely destroyed. A green card should also be replaced if it contains information that is incorrect, or some of the information on the card has changed. A change from commuter status to resident status or vice versa would also necessitate a green card replacement.

Applying for a new green card

For South Carolina permanent residents who have a green card, it can be tricky to figure out the renewal process. However, it is in most cases relatively straightforward. Residents may renew their green card either online or via a paper application that can be sent by mail using the Form 1-90. The form should be filed when the green card is set to expire within six months. A permanent resident should then use Form I-551 while a conditional resident should file Form I-751.

Waiver of inadmissibility in South Carolina

People who have been illegally present in the United States for longer than a year normally will be required to leave the country for a period of 10 years before applying for reentry. There are certain circumstances under which a person may avoid this mandatory deportation and ban against reentry, however.

Eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa

North Carolina residents may be interested in the availability of visas for nonimmigrants. A foreign national may apply for a nonimmigrant visa for a variety of purposes. There are specific requirements for each, and the individual must meet the criteria.

What are my rights and duties as a green card holder?

When a person living in South Carolina obtains a green card, the status as a lawful permanent resident brings with it certain rights as well as several responsibilities. It is important for green card holders to understand both, as it is possible to lose permanent resident status if the responsibilities are not followed.

New work opportunities for H-4 visa holders

Spouses of immigrants who reside in South Carolina with H1-B visas may soon be able to work under a new plan that has been crafted by the Obama administration. The United States issues around 85,000 H1-B visas per year to highly skilled workers when a company cannot find someone within the country who has the skills to fill a certain position, but if those workers have spouses, those spouses usually only receive H-4 visas that do not allow them to seek employment. The new immigration reforms, however, will now let spouses apply to work starting on May 26.

Obama talks about his executive orders on immigration

Changing immigration policies could have a significant effect on many undocumented immigrants in South Carolina. On Feb. 25, President Obama addressed the controversy surrounding some executive orders on certain immigration policies that he issued in November 2014. Despite dissent among many state governments, President Obama promised that he would defend the new federal immigration policies with all of the legal power that he has.

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