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February 2015 Archives

Immigration help for foreign companies entering the U.S.

When a foreign company decides to move some of its operations into the U.S., experienced and talented foreign staff can be vital to the success of the new office or plant. However, the task of securing visas for foreign employees in the U.S. can often be daunting for business owners.

ICE's no-release policy for asylum-seekers halted

People in South Carolina may be interested to learn of a recent court action regarding immigration policy in the United States. According to reports, a federal court reportedly halted the Immigration and Custom Enforcement's no-release policy, which the agency had used to detain asylum-seeking women and children who entered the country illegally.

Permanent residents and family immigration rules

There are many lawful permanent residents of the United States who would like to be able to bring their children to join them in South Carolina or another state. They may not be aware that under U.S. immigration law, permanent residents are allowed in some cases to petition to bring their children to the country, depending upon the age and marital status of the children.

Relief from removal decisions in immigration cases

Individuals who have been determined removable aliens in South Carolina may be eligible to avoid leaving the United States by securing one of a few types of relief available. In general, the categories of relief include discretionary and administrative or judicial.

Preparing for the naturalization test in South Carolina

People in South Carolina who are going through the process of becoming naturalized U.S. citizens understand the importance of preparation for every stage of it. Careful preparation can mean the difference between ultimately being granted status as a naturalized citizen or having an application denied.

Refugee status and immigration

Foreigners who enter South Carolina to live permanently are classified as immigrants or refugees. An immigrant is someone who has decided to move to the United States for economic reasons or for other personal reasons. A refugee, on the other hand, is a foreigner who has entered the U.S. because they are fleeing persecution in their home country.

Rescheduling of immigration cases

As some South Carolina residents may know, many pending immigration cases on docket for a hearing have been put on hold until 2019. It has been reported that more than 415,000 immigrants have pending cases, in addition to those individuals being detained. According to reports, a large increase in the number of immigration cases has led to the large backlog. Big cities, such as New York and Denver, where a high percentage of these immigrants have located, have been particularly hard hit because families and unaccompanied minors facing deportation have been granted a priority status along with those individuals being held in detention.

DACA in South Carolina

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is an immigration guideline allowing prosecutors to exercise discretion for people who arrived in the U.S. prior to the age of 16. Several eligibility guidelines must be met in order for DACA to apply.

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