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August 2014 Archives

Business leaders favor changes to immigration laws

In 2013, 172,000 applications for H-1B visas were filed. These visas allow for skilled workers to come to South Carolina and other states to work legally. Although such a high number of applications were filed in 2013, only 85,000 visas are handed out annually. Members of the business community are lobbying for that number to increase as they struggle to find qualified workers.

Seeking protection from persecution

Addressing your residency status in South Carolina as a foreign national may fit into the category of seeking asylum if you are faced with persecution in your home nation. These issues may be related to your ethnicity, religious beliefs, social status or political beliefs and activities. It may be necessary to demonstrate that either your life or your freedom are at risk if you return to your home, but with complex asylum laws in the United States, it may be difficult to successfully navigate these issues without assistance.

Migrant surge from Central America tests judges

Immigration judges are dealing with an increase in asylum seekers coming from Central America, some of whom could end up in South Carolina. Granting asylum is not an easy decision, but there are laws governing who is eligible. Unlike with criminal trials for United States citizens, defendants in immigration proceedings are presumed guilty until they can prove that they are eligible for asylum, according to a professor of refugee history and immigration.

Understanding asylum and refugee issues

South Carolina residents may wonder what the difference is between asylum and refugee status. While many seek permission to live in the country, those seeking asylum are categorized as individuals who are currently located on U.S. soil. Refugees, on the other hand, have not yet entered the country. Location determines the direction for a petition to be submitted. A refugee would seek the assistance of the United Nations while an individual seeking asylum would make a request directly to the United States government.

Nurses may be eligible for H-1B visas to work in South Carolina

In the past, requirements for getting an H-1B visa made it impossible for nurses to gain entry to the country with anything other than a Green Card. However, increasing wait times and the need to have paperwork processed even if a nurse had a job in the United States resulted in a shortage of nurses and increased frustration from those wanting to work in the United States.

Defending against removal from U.S. by applying for asylum

There are many people who flee their home country and come to the United States because of the persecution or fear of persecution they are faced with. Immigrants who have suffered abuse or mistreatment based on their nationality, political opinions, social group membership, religion or race may be eligible to seek asylum in this country 

What can the president do administratively on immigration?

Historians might some day look back in detail from a future vantage point on how the current administration sought to respond to tough immigration issues that marked its tenure, especially given the political partisanship operative on Capitol Hill these days.

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