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July 2014 Archives

Immigration and Customs Enforcement allows mother to remain in US

It is devastating to lose a child, especially a child who dies while serving her country. Unfortunately, there are so many men and women in Charleston who have given their lives while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though it may not be readily apparent, a number of these soldiers are the children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. Should they die in combat, would there parents be able to remain in the U.S.?

Unaccompanied immigrant children coming in record numbers

Just last week we talked about the influx of children crossing the border after making the long and dangerous journeys from Guatemala, Honduras and other parts of Central America. These children are fleeing violence fueled by the illegal drug trade and hope to reconnect with family members, and sometimes parents, living in the U.S. Though these children do not have the legal permission to be in the U.S., they are trying to get to safety.

Providing opportunities to work for asylum seekers

There are many different ways for indiviuals to immigrate to the United States and make their way to Charleston. Some of the more common ways are through family connections or because of work, but it is also possible for someone to come to South Carolina in pursuit of asylum.

Deportation very real for those in South Carolina

Immigration is a hot-ticket subject, and it is no less important in South Carolina. For instance, the president has stated that he will do all he can to make the immigration process smarter and more efficient. However, there are thousands of kids who have crossed the border unaccompanied. Many of those children may be integrated into the state of South Carolina.

Becoming a citizen: it's more than just an application

When someone wants to naturalize, he or she needs to fill out the Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. It seems simple, right? It's not. Anyone in South Carolina who has become a citizen through naturalization will tell you that there is far more that has to be done than just filling out the application. As it is, the application can be confusing and one wrong answer could be considered fraudulent and ban someone from becoming a citizen of the U.S.

Judge strikes down most of South Carolina's immigration law

The vast majority of immigration laws that are enacted in this country are passed by the federal government or are executive orders. This makes sense, as immigration is dealt with at the federal level, but that doesn't mean that states can't and don't pass their own immigration laws. When they do, however, states may find themselves in federal court defending what individual litigants consider to be a violation of federal law or the Constitution.

Deportation possible for children at U.S. border

Most South Carolina children live fairly decent lives. They have access to shelter, food, education and other necessities. Unfortunately, children in other countries -- particularly in Central America -- don't have it as good. Many live in poverty and fear for their lives every day due to wars and other violence. These children often leave their countries and come to the United States in search of freedom. While these children were once allowed in this country, President Obama is now saying "no more."

Green cards are available for family of citizens

Immigration laws can be confusing for South Carolina residents. Many who have immigrated to the United States may not understand the laws, especially when it comes to their own family. They might think that their spouses, children or parents have to wait in line for a visa before coming to this country legally. However, in order to encourage family unity, immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are actually given priority when it comes to obtaining green cards.

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