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April 2014 Archives

Union wants illegal immigrants to report unsafe work environments

South Carolina residents get up and go to work every day. Once there, they expect and are entitled to safe work conditions. However, employers may be taking advantage of immigrants in the work place and using their illegal status as a vehicle to prevent reports of unsafe working conditions and instances of sexual harassment.

Does reissue of Asylum rules affect immigrants in South Carolina?

For as long as it has existed, this country has been a safe haven for those seeking relief from persecution in their home countries - many of which have settled in South Carolina. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services, one way for someone to apply for asylum is to claim a "credible fear" of persecution or torture. In 2013 alone, the USCIS received over 36,000 "credible fear" claims. Surprisingly, that number was more than those received between 2007 and 2011 combined.

Who is being deported more frequently, men or women?

Charleston residents know that immigrants are being deported at an alarming rate. However, many residents may be surprised to know the age and gender of the majority of the deportees. This data may help those fighting immigration proceedings to understand the trends with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and use the statistics to their advantage.

Boxer facing multiple immigration proceedings

Charleston residents continue to watch various immigration issues make their way through various political channels. The way to fix immigration remains a controversial and intense discussion. While immigration reform may or may not be on the way, immigrants continue to face deportation and immigration proceedings. It is important to have someone with expertise and knowledge on one's side to advocate on their behalf.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement faces lawsuit

Charleston residents, along with the rest of that nation has been following closely immigration reform in the White House. Some individuals are tired of waiting. Recently, hundreds of detainees at a detention center in the northwest decided to go on a hunger strike causing problems for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Vice President makes opinion on immigration reform very clear

Immigration will continue to be a pressing issue for individuals throughout the United States, as well as oversees. Vice President Biden recently spoke at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and made his stance regarding immigration reform very clear to all those in attendance.

Pope has role in immigration talk with daughter; father released

Charleston residents may realize that there have not been many bright spots in the area of immigration over the last year. The issue remains very controversial and divisive in our country. However, a recent family immigration story will touch many despite what side of the fence they fall on when it comes to immigration.

Actress among others push immigration vote

South Carolina residents may be aware that immigration reform has been stalled in Congress. It was nearly 300 days ago that the Senate first passed a bipartisan bill that has not gone anywhere. Advocates, house democrats and even actors have had enough and made a push for action.

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