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March 2014 Archives

Twenty-three teachers face deportation in U.S. school district

There are a variety of reasons why South Carolina immigrants might suddenly face the terrifying prospect of deportation. Some may be facing criminal charges. Some may be accused of falsifying information on I-9 forms or outstaying their immigrant visas. And sometimes, sadly, all it takes is a few simple mistakes on their immigration paperwork and the lives of immigrants can be put in jeopardy.

Presidential plan to review deportations could be risky

It is no secret to most Charleston residents that there have been a record number of deportations under the Obama administration. President Obama is making to curtail the number of deportations under his administration. His efforts, however, could cause increased friction for the already fragile congressional efforts of complete immigration reform.

Broken immigration system brought to light in documentary

No matter which side of the fence South Carolina residents fall on with regard to immigration reform, it has become clear that things will not be okay remaining status quo. It is estimated that over 1,000 immigrants are deported every day in the United States. Over the last five years, nearly two million immigrants have been deported. This may be one of the reasons behind a documentary that will air on CNN sometime this year entitled, "Documented."

Illegal immigrant passes bar, but not allowed to practice law

South Carolina residents are aware that immigration laws can be very difficult to navigate. Immigration is a legal issue that continues to puzzle and frustrate individuals throughout the entire country. One man may be more frustrated than most as he passed the bar exam in another state, but is unable to get his law license.

Immigration and the effects on families

Charleston residents know how controversial a topic immigration is in our country right now. Individuals can face various immigration issues such as asylum, work visas, deportation, as well as issues with their families. Family immigration is a very emotional issue that deeply impacts multiple families.

Immigration cases will not be heard by Supreme Court

Some Charleston residents, like many people in the rest of the United States, are anxiously awaiting important decisions regarding immigration reform. Immigration is already a challenging area of law, and the effects of the immigration reform stall in Congress has effected local laws in various states and communities.

Technology makes finding illegal immigrants easier than ever

Almost all South Carolina residents have a cell phone. However, now Immigration customs enforcement agents are utilizing technology that is the same size of a modern day cell phone to find illegal immigrants and send them for deportation.

The correlation between the government shutdown and immigration

Many South Carolina residents may remember the government shutdown that occurred last year. The effects of the shutdown has had a domino effect on immigrants facing deportation. Immigration continues to be a controversial issue in the United States and understanding the currently lay of the land is crucial, particularly if one is facing deportation proceedings or knows someone that is.

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