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December 2013 Archives

Fewer immigrants deported in 2013

Deportations decreased by 10 percent this year compared to last year, according to recent reports. The government deported 368,644 individuals in 2013. This is the first year immigrant deportations decreased in the United States under President Obama. 

More undocumented children crossing the border

Statistics show that more children are crossing the border between the United States and Mexico to get into the U.S. Reports show that 24,668 undocumented alien children were in the care of the federal government last year, almost 50 percent more than the number reported in 2012.

Judges must warn of deportation in the event of guilty plea

In a previous post, we talked about how certain laws enacted in the late 20th century, intended to deal with immigrant crime, have led to denying immigrants the due process protections guaranteed to all people within the jurisdiction of the United States.

Post-typhoon Temporary Protected Status for Filipinos in U.S.?

The devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines on Nov. 8 caused unprecedented damage. The toll in human life alone was astronomical, with over 5,000 people dead, many more injured and billions of dollars in property damage. At such time, many Filipino immigrants here in South Carolina and throughout the U.S. are surely quite anxious about relatives and other loved ones, but may feel it would be risky to travel to offer aid because of their immigration status. But if one member of Congress has his way, one's legal status need not be a bar to travel.

Part 2: Legal residents getting deported for minor offenses

In Part One of this series, we discussed a fairly recent category of criminal offense, "aggravated felonies," created by Congress nearly 20 years ago to deal with dangerous criminal activities by immigrants. The laws were later expanded (and enforced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement ) to include minor, non-violent crimes. Our South Carolina readers, here legally or not, need to be aware of these laws and also of the loss of civil rights that attend them.

Part 1: Legal residents getting deported for minor offenses

For South Carolina immigrants and others across the country, a green card is not necessarily protection against deportation. Even a non-violent felony conviction can get a permanent legal resident deported, then banned from returning to the U.S. for 20 years. What began as a legislative response to serious criminal activity by some immigrants has turned into a potential human rights nightmare for all legal immigrants. Immigration attorneys throughout the country have been actively representing legal immigrants who are caught up in such a nightmare.

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