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October 2013 Archives

Gay marriage opens door to immigration policy changes

Several groups focusing on gay rights at the University of Georgia hosted a lecture on Tuesday, Oct. 15, discussing changes in immigration law resulting from the recent Supreme Court's ruling of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The featured speakers were Jason Cade, a professor of immigration law, and immigration attorney Alex Halow of Athens, Georgia.

President urges House to move forward on immigration reform

In a speech made on Oct. 17, President Obama took congressional members to task for the fiscal stalemate that was barely resolved and pushed for passage - before year's end - of a similarly stalled immigration bill that could grant permanent legal residency and eventual citizenship to undocumented immigrants.

Immigrant faces deportation due to missing mud flaps

Immigrants in South Carolina might be interested in this not-uncommon saga of a Tuscon family broken apart by immigration practices that may turn a traffic violation into a potential deportation. A South Tuscon man on his way to work on Sept. 30 was pulled over for not having mud flaps on his truck and got more than a citation. In a case of mistaken identity, the police officer determined there was a warrant out on the man for domestic violence, which the man truthfully claimed was not for him. Nevertheless, the man now sits in a Florence detention center for undocumented immigrants.

Bloomberg and Zuckerberg push for immigration legislation

While the immigration debate has been recently "out of sight, out of mind," national and local business leaders, including big names such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have been working behind the scenes to revive the immigration policy discussion and get House Republicans to bring legislation to a vote. For months they've been recruiting local business leaders, especially those from Southern states, holding meetings and employing lobbyists in crafting a message to send to GOP lawmakers. Their purpose is to create unity among business operations and leaders and drive home the impact of the immigration legislation stalemate on industries such as manufacturing and farming, and its importance to local economies. To be sure attorneys are overseeing these legislative intricacies.

Immigration Reform Rally in Washington Attracts Thousands

The clock is ticking down on the number of days left in 2013 for Congress to enact legislation, but not even the government shutdown could stop a long-planned rally to put pressure on Congress to pass immigration reform. The Senate passed a comprehensive bill in June, but the House has been stalling. Conservative representatives are determined to stop any measure which would allow immigrants who are here illegally to stay in the U.S.

Immigration reform could have positive effects on manufacturing

Border security has become the sticking point for members of Congress debating comprehensive immigration reform. However, a major issue being overlooked by lawmakers is the positive effect immigration reform could have on the economy and local business.

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