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September 2013 Archives

More state and local governments fight Secure Communities

The federal immigration enforcement program known as Secure Communities allows federal immigration officials to screen suspects who are brought into local jails. Several states have openly opposed the policy, which has resulted in the deportation of 280,000 people over the past five years.

Feds conduct immigration audits on 1,000 businesses

Earlier this month, the federal government kicked off another round of "silent raids" in effort to expose businesses that have illegally hired undocumented immigrants. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reportedly sent notices to about 1,000 businesses, requesting documents for the audits.

Protesters call on Obama Administration to end deportations

This week, several undocumented immigrants chained themselves to the gates outside of the White House to protest the deportations of people who were found living in the United States illegally. The seven protesters were arrested and released, and deportation proceedings are not expected to take place against them.

How undocumented immigrants are working legally in the US

Innovative young immigrants who entered the country illegally have found a way to make a living without breaking the law by forming their own businesses or working as independent contractors. While federal law prohibits hiring an undocumented worker, the laws say nothing about starting a business or working as a non-employee contractor.

Immigrants have a right to file unpaid wage claims too

If you ask most immigrants, they will tell you that they came to this country for a better opportunity. Often times, pay is better here in the United States -- money that can be sent to family members in their home country. But as we’ve seen in past stories, some employers can take advantage of immigrant workers, often assuming that because they are relatively unskilled, they will not know when they aren’t being properly compensated for the work they do.

ICE announces new rules for solitary confinement

Being detained while facing deportation or removal is an extremely scary experience. However, being placed in solitary confinement while being held in an immigration detention facility is even more traumatic. Solitary confinement means being placed in social isolation for 22 to 24 hours a day. Staying for extended periods of time in solitary confinement can even drive people insane.

Immigration reform seems out of reach, but many won't give up

Despite a major push from immigrant advocates, it appears that immigration reform could be taking a backseat to other issues that now have Congress' attention. With lawmakers focusing on whether to take military action in Syria as well as the government's spending limit, some political experts say that immigration reform could be placed on the back-burner until the end of the year or later.

New bills could help protect immigrants from legal fraud

There is no doubt that an experienced immigration lawyer can be a huge asset to immigrants seeking a path to citizenship in the United States. However, there are also many con-artists, pretending to be trustworthy immigration lawyers, who are scamming innocent victims.

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