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May 2013 Archives

Lawmakers overcome dispute over immigration bill

Last week, it was announced that the eight members of the U.S. House immigration group deciding the fate of a bill that would overhaul U.S. immigration laws settled a dispute that almost caused negotiations to break down. The issue was whether undocumented immigrants who gain legal status as a result of the change in policy should be granted health care.

Steps for applying for a fiancée visa

Citizens of the United States who are married or engaged to foreign nationals have the option to bring their partners to the U.S. as a spouse or as a fiancée, as a recent article from the NY Daily News recently discussed. In a situation where a U.S. citizen is engaged to a foreign national, he or he has the option to marry the fiancée in another country and apply for a spouse visa, or wait to marry and petition for a fiancée visa.

Immigration reform bill gets tweaks from Senate committee

As we have been writing about extensively, the United States Senate has introduced a wide-sweeping immigration reform bill that would greatly alter the country's immigration laws. In addition to providing a path to citizenship for many of the millions of immigrants currently in the country illegally, the bill also proposes beefing-up border security.

Green card lottery may be casualty in immigration reform

The green card lottery visa program randomly selects 55,000 applicants each year and is meant to further diversify the pool of immigrants who are allowed to enter the United States. Although very small in comparison to the other visa programs, the lottery had almost 8 million applications last year.

Advocates want same-sex couples included in immigration bill

Gay-rights advocates are urging President Obama to make sure same-sex couples are included in the immigration reform bill that was recently unveiled by eight bi-partisan members of the Senate. Obama has said that he backs equal treatment of same-sex couples, but so long as the Defense of Marriage Act stands, they will be excluded from the immigration reform legislation, including rights to marriage visas and other family-related visas.

New poll reveals 75 percent of Americans back immigration reform

Just a couple years ago, major immigration reform seemed like an unrealistic goal. However, today a bill has been introduced by a bipartisan group of senators that would mean a major overhaul of the current immigration system, including a path to citizenship for many of the estimated 11 million undocumtned immigrants currently living in the United States.

Conservative group's price tag on immigration reform criticized

According to a study by a conservative think tank, the immigration law overhaul that has been proposed would come with a $6.3 trillion price tag. However, the study has been widely criticized -- even by conservatives -- for being vastly over-stated. The report claims to reveal the cost of implementing the immigration reform plan that was recently unveiled by a group of senators known as "The Gang of Eight."

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