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March 2013 Archives

Immigration reform could come this summer, says Obama

According to a statement by President Obama this week, sweeping immigration reform could be approved by Congress by the end of the summer. In his statement, the president urged lawmakers to work together to resolve obstacles that still stand in the way of immigration reform being approved.

Instances of abuse tarnish J-1 student worker visa program

J-1 visas are used for student work exchange programs. The summer work travel visas are aimed at providing students from around the world with the opportunity to live and work in the United States for a period of time. However, the program has also been taken advantage of by employers who exploit the student workers.

Voter ID law takes effect in South Carolina primary

This week, South Carolina had its first election with the controversial new voter ID law that requires all voters to show valid photo identification at the ballot polls. In October of last year, a federal court ruled that the law could not take effect in time for the 2012 presidential election, but the panel of judges ruled that the law could go into effect in 2013 after deciding that it was not discriminatory against racial minorities.

New immigration bill could give family visas to skilled workers

A key group of senators charged with coming up with a new bill on immigration reform appears to be favoring employment-based immigration over family-based immigration, according to recent reports. Initial reports say the senators all agree that the number of immigrants allowed to enter the country each year should remain the same, but they could be proposing a change in who those people should be.

South Carolina becomes battleground for immigration reform

According to a new report from the political blog The Hill, South Carolina has become a battleground in the fight over immigration reform. The Hill reported that the state is important in the immigration debate because of its demographics, culture and political standings. For that reason, groups from both sides of the political issue are launching campaigns in the state.

Businesses speak loudly in debate over immigration reform

The debate over immigration reform is heating up in the United States, and businesses are making sure their voices are heard. Business owners across nearly all industries are taking a stand on immigration reform, with some arguing that their businesses would be lost without immigrant workers.

Can victims of abuse be granted asylum in the U.S.?

Under United States immigration law, foreign nationals can be granted asylum in the country after escaping persecution in their own countries based on one of five protected statuses: race, religion, nationality, political opinion or social group. However, the rules governing asylum are very complex and it is not always easy to determine if one qualifies for asylum, even if the person has been treated very poorly in his or her own country.

Budget woes leading to release of detained immigrants

Impending federal budget cuts could result in more than 5,000 detained immigrants being released from detention, according to a report by the Associated Press. The news agency reported that internal budget documents show that about 2,000 detainees awaiting possible deportation have already been released and about 3,000 more will likely be set free in March.

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