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November 2012 Archives

History of U.S. immigration policy (2 of 2)

Welcome back. As we began discussing in the last post, United States immigration policy can be complex and difficult to understand. But one way to understand it better is by looking at how the laws have evolved throughout history.

History of U.S. immigration policy (1 of 2)

Anyone who has ever navigated through the complicated and often confusing United States system of immigration laws knows how daunting the task can be. Part of the reason for this is that the immigration system has been altered, expanded and revamped many times over the years.

South Carolina judge un-blocks 'show me your papers' law

Everyone who lives in South Carolina has heard about the immigration laws that were adopted by lawmakers in 2011. The laws are very similar in nature to Arizona's controversial immigration reform, which was challenged by the federal government before the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year.

New reports expose injustices at immigrant detention facilities

Last week, the "Expose and Close" campaign led by the non-profit Detention Watch Network called for the closure of 10 jails and prisons throughout the country that hold illegal immigrants. The reports conclude that the 10 facilities should be closed because they deny detainees basic rights, including medical care and due process of law.

ACLU fights 'immigrant mandatory lock-up' policy

This week, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of immigrants who are held in mandatory lock-up without any opportunity for a bail hearing. The lead plaintiff in the case is a 59-year-old Jamaican green-card holder who has lived in the United States for 30 years.

South Carolina officials call new immigration policy a success

Last year, South Carolina lawmakers passed strict new laws directed at ridding the state of illegal immigrants, particularly those who commit crimes. The laws closely mirror the controversial ones passed first by Arizona, which were challenged before the U.S. Supreme Court by the federal government.

Court considers 'ineffective counsel' as deportation defense

As most of us know, when a non-citizen pleads guilty to a crime, deportation could be a very real consequence. However, in March 2010, the United States Supreme Court held that this information is not obvious and needs to be revealed to non-citizen defendants by their lawyers.

Immigrants in South Carolina apply for Deferred Action

This summer, President Obama signed an executive order granting immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children the ability to thwart deportation and apply for a two-year work permit. The program, called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, began taking applications on Aug. 15.

Veterans who sacrifice everything only to be deported

A 37-year-old undocumented immigrant from Mexico thought joining the military would lead to automatic U.S. citizenship. That's why he served as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army from 1995 through 2001. But when the man ran into trouble with the law in 2004, he dream quickly turned into a nightmare. The man was jailed and then deported back to Mexico where he had no family or friends to speak of.

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