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May 2012 Archives

Feds to probe Chipotle restaurants again for illegal workers

Earlier this year, Department of Homeland Security officials announced that it was aiming its deportation efforts against illegal immigrants who have criminal records and are a threat to society. However, this isn't stopping the feds from coming down hard on employers who are suspected of hiring immigrants without the proper documentation.

Woman faced deportation after making domestic violence call

Many women struggle to find the courage to call the police when they are the victims of domestic violence. That hesitance is only expected to grow since a woman was taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after she called the police seeking help in a domestic violence incident.

Supreme Court issues clarification on deportation rule

This week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the length of legal residency by immigrant parents cannot be considered in deportation cases involving their children. The ruling overturns an appeals court decision stating that immigrants who entered the country as children can use their parents' legal residency when fighting deportation.

Family sues after girl, 14, was wrongly deported

In April of last year, a 14-year-old girl was arrested for shoplifting. The girl, for an unknown reason, told authorities that she was a 21-year-old undocumented immigrant from Columbia. Soon after, she was deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement following a removal proceeding.

Labor officials urge undocumented workers to report abuse

Labor laws are in place to protect workers from employer abuses. For nearly 80 years, the National Labor Relations Board has been charged with making sure employers adhere to labor laws that promote fair wages and working conditions.

Report: Women farmworkers at risk of sexual harassment, abuse

A new report from an international rights group revealed that female farmworkers in South Carolina and the rest of the United States face a heightened risk of being sexually harassed and assaulted because their immigration status makes them hesitant to report the treatment to authorities.

ICE to halt more than 16,000 immigrant deportations

Last month, officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that they have decided to shelve 7.5 percent of deportation cases that are currently in the system. The decision is part of an effort aimed at refocusing deportations on detainees with criminal backgrounds. Roughly 16,500 deportation cases will be suspended under the plan.

Study: Fewer immigrants coming to US from Mexico

Even though immigration is currently one of the most pressing political issues in the United States, you may be surprised to learn that the number of immigrants entering the country from Mexico is actually dwindling, according to a recent study.

Obama calls for passage of Dream Act at Cinco de Mayo celebration

This weekend, many people throughout the nation celebrated Cinco de Mayo, including the president of the United States. In fact, the president took the opportunity to reach out to the Hispanic population and tell them that he is prepared to sign a bill that would provide a path to citizenship for immigrant students and young people.

Lower deportation risk for minor traffic violations

Revised immigration enforcement guidelines should result in fewer undocumented immigrants facing removal or deportation because of minor traffic violations, according to a recent report. A federal program known as Secure Communities mandates that fingerprints be taken from detained motorists and entered into a computer database even following minor traffic stops.

ACLU comes to South Carolina to speak against immigration law

Last June, South Carolina lawmakers passed a strict new immigration law that makes it extremely difficult for undocumented immigrants to live and work in the state. The law was supposed to go into effect in January, but a judge blocked portions of it after the federal government filed a lawsuit to stop the law.

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