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February 2012 Archives

Should undocumented immigrants be provided driver's licenses?

Would the roads in South Carolina be safer if undocumented immigrants were required to obtain driver's licenses? According to data from a 2000 report by the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation, one in five fatal crashes nationwide involved a driver without a license.

Two same sex couples get reprieve from deportation orders

Federal law generally does not recognize the marital status of same-sex couples that are legally married under the laws of a growing minority of states. This is due to the Defense of Marriage Act, which the Obama Administration said it would no longer defend in court last year.

Little help given to mentally ill detained immigrants

It is difficult enough to be an undocumented immigrant facing the possibility of deportation. But the difficulties are compounded even more for detained undocumented immigrants suffering from mental illness.

Two issues regarding fiancé and marriage visas explained

Under federal law, United States citizens are allowed to bring a fiancé or spouse who is a foreign national into the country through the legal immigration process. However, the laws are very complex and confuse most people in South Carolina and elsewhere.

New security measures blocking Iraqi asylum-seekers

Increased fears about Iraqi immigrants' potential ties to al-Qaeda have slowed the flow of new arrivals from Middle Eastern nations, according to a report from USA Today. Additionally, a federal resettlement program for Iraqi refugees seeking asylum has been significantly restricted.

ICE announces new 'public advocate' position

There is no doubt that immigration reform is a frontline issue in American politics. But to help make sure that the voices of immigrants are heard along with politicians and lobbyists, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced the creation of a new public advocate position.

Feds recognize immigrants' contribution to economy

Immigration reform is an extremely import issue right now in the United States. While several states, including South Carolina, have been passing laws that put more restrictions on immigration, there are leaders in the federal government calling for immigration reform that would make it easier for immigrants to live and work in the country.

DHS announces changes to visa programs for highly-skilled workers

President Obama has made it clear that he wants to make the country more attractive for foreign nationals who could help create jobs and boost the economy. He has said that both new legislation and changes to existing policy are needed to do this.

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