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Ad campaign to take stand on proposed E-Verify bill

We have been reporting a lot recently on the proposed E-Verify bill that would require all United States employers to conduct a verification of employees' eligibility to work through the Social Security and Department of Homeland Security databases. Up until now, participation in the E-Verify program has been voluntary, except for companies that do business with the federal government.

The proposed law has been a source of controversy and has inspired opposition from both sides of the political spectrum. Recently, it was reported that immigrant advocates in California will be launching a Spanish-language ad campaign against E-Verify, saying that it would tear apart the state's agriculture industry and other potential negative effects.

The director of the advocacy group America's voice said that the bill would result in "hundreds of thousands of workers" losing their jobs. He said that the bill would also contribute to the "exploitation" of undocumented workers in the country, especially farm workers. Other advocate groups say that the bill could also have a harmful effect on the employers and economy.

Instead, the president of the United Farm Workers union said that a better solution to the fixing the cheap labor shortage in the agriculture industry would be to "legalize" the workers who are already there in the fields working, rather than attempting to replace the current workers with "guest workers," as has been proposed by Republican lawmakers.

Experts say that after all the negative reactions the bill has received it is unlikely that it will be passed into law. However, advocates are still taking the threat of the bill seriously and will likely take the anti-E-Verify campaign to other states as well. The campaign will kick-off with 250 ads in several California cities.

Source: Fox News Latino, "Ads Target Lawmakers Who Favor E-Verify," Sept. 27, 2011.

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