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September 2011 Archives

U-Visas help abused immigrants receive temporary legal status

Domestic violence is a tragic thing that affects many people in South Carolina and the rest of the country, regardless of immigration status. But for many undocumented immigrants, the fear of deportation prevents victims from reporting abuse to authorities.

Ad campaign to take stand on proposed E-Verify bill

We have been reporting a lot recently on the proposed E-Verify bill that would require all United States employers to conduct a verification of employees' eligibility to work through the Social Security and Department of Homeland Security databases. Up until now, participation in the E-Verify program has been voluntary, except for companies that do business with the federal government.

Everyone has different opinion on proposed E-verify bill

An increasing number of conservatives including Republican legislators, Tea Party members and the governors of key boarder states are reacting to immigration legislation that would force employers to verify the legal status of employees they hire. The legislation would require employers to screen new hires through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security database, known as E-verify, in order to determine if the applicant is in the country legally.

Can President Obama keep the support of Hispanic voters?

With more than 11.2 million illegal immigrants believed to be working and living in the United States today, immigration is an issue that cannot be ignored. But while President Obama pledged to take on immigration reform, many are frustrated with the fact that his administration had deported about 1.06 million people as of September 12. Comparatively, it took former President Bust two full presidential terms to deport 1.57 million.

Feds have new system for expired visa holders

A few years back, a person staying beyond the limits of their visas could pretty much go unnoticed. However, yesterday the feds reported that they are taking a new approach to people who overstay their welcome using recently developed databases.

Relative of President Obama facing deportation

An uncle to President Obama has decided to fight deportation proceedings against him, his immigration attorneys told reporters last week. Lawyers for Onyango Obama claim that he should be allowed to stay as he has been in the country for almost 50 years and that the United States is his home.

Immigration is huge issue for Republican presidential hopefuls

Last week, the Washington Post reported that immigration, although the polls might not indicate it, is actually the topic getting the most attention from primary voters at the 2012 presidential hopefuls' town hall meetings.

South Carolina businesses told to prep for new immigration law

With the new immigration law about to take effect in South Carolina, the state's Office of Immigrant Worker Compliance is advising businesses and employers across the state to get ready to comply with the new law.

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