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April 2011 Archives

South Carolina Mexican restaurant temporarily shut down

Today, The State reported that a Mexican restaurant in Northeast Richland, South Carolina, has been ordered to shut down for ten days because of "repeated violations" of the state's illegal immigration law. This is the first business license the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation has suspended under the state's Illegal Immigration Reform Act since it went into effect in July 2009.

South Carolina women demonstrate against immigration bill

This week, national news reported that more than 280 women and children recently gathered in opposition to the South Carolina immigration bill that has been under consideration by the South Carolina General Assembly over the past year. The women and children came together at a sunset prayer vigil that was organized by a female minister.

Groups call on Obama to stop the record deportations

This week, the New York Times reported that immigration authorities have gone through with record numbers of deportations in the past two years, amounting to nearly 800,000 immigrants being removed from the United States. Now Latinos, immigrant groups and Democrats in Congress are asking President Obama to step in as it appears that immigration reform will not be happening anytime soon, the New York Times reported.

Mexican Consulate event in South Carolina protested

Last weekend, the Mexican Consulate held an event at the North Charleston Convention Center in South Carolina, offering identification cards and passports as well as other legal services to Mexican citizens. As immigration remains a hotly contested topic in the state and nation, several protestors gathered outside of the two-day event.

Arizona immigration law held unconstitutional on appeal

As we discussed in a recent post, South Carolina is one of several states currently considering an Arizona-like immigration bill. However, in one of the few recent victories for United States immigrants, this week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction on Arizona's controversial immigration bill, deeming it unconstitutional.

Change made to proposed South Carolina immigration bill

Last week, a South Carolina House Judiciary subcommittee voted collectively to remove part of the state's proposed immigration bill (discussed in a previous post) that would have imposed a tax on money that illegal immigrants sent back to family in their home countries.

West coast family charged with falsifying marriages for green cards

When people migrate to this country, they are often under duress, are scared and would do anything to keep their families together. Three people in California now face serious criminal charges after taking advantage of immigrants by charging high fees to arrange fraudulent marriages so that immigrants could gain permanent residency in the country.

Mexican immigrants could face higher risk of depression

Often times, people migrate from Mexico to the United States in search of the opportunity for a better life. However, because of culture shock and the ever-changing immigration laws in the United States, the transition can be anything but easy.

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